We need volunteer Referees!

Without quality, trained referees, our children cannot play this game they love so much, and what better vantage point to watch a game from than center field! For such a small investment of your time, you can become a great referee, even with no prior soccer knowledge at all! You will be getting great exercise, feel great, and be helping your children and their peers to have a great soccer experience to boot!

“Regional Referee” (the basic referee course and certification) courses have been scheduled and you can find them on this “Upcoming Referee Training Schedule”  link.   For current referees that want to upgrade to the Intermediate and Advanced certification we will be holding classes right here in Santa Monica on the weekend of August 18-19!  They are also listed in the above link.

To sign up for either of the classes you will need to go to  In the meantime, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to become a volunteer referee.