Summer Soccer Camps

This year Region 20 with its partner Coerver Coaching will be hosting several soccer camps throughout the Summer months. The week long summer camps will complete the 3-phase training curriculum for the AYSO calendar year which included Monday Night Open Training (MOT), Spring Skills & Clinics and now our Summer Soccer Camps.

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Ages Groups U5 to U14
1st   camp  17th – 21st of June
2nd  camp  15th – 19th of July
3rd  camp   12th – 16th of August

Clover Park
2600 Ocean Park Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405

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Donate to Santa Monica AYSO


Because we believe ALL kids should have the opportunity to play soccer, Santa Monica AYSO provides financial aid to needy families who cannot afford the player registration fees.  We cannot do this without YOUR help. Your donation is tax-deductible.
Santa Monica AYSO is a not-for-profit organization, run 100% by volunteers.  Our active volunteer base allows us to keep our registration fees low and accessible to most families, but we still have hundreds of families in our community who struggle to afford the registration fees.  Our only source of funds for financial aid is generous donations from our community.  Every $150 you donate will allow a needy child to play soccer.

Thank you for your generosity!



Youth Referee Class: Pacific Palisades
Sunday May, 19th

How to sign up

There are 5 steps that need to happen BEFORE the class on May 19. (It’s not as complicated as you think/it looks with the step-by-step instructions below).

Step 1

Register your youth referee with Region 20 inLeague as an AYSO “youth volunteer” for Region 20 (this is different than registering them as a “player”).

  • Go to
  • Login using your adult login
  • Click on “Player and Volunteer Registration”
  • Under “User Accounts and Volunteer Registration” you would click “Add New User”
  • Add your youth volunteer (needs their own email address and their own password—these will be used when they are trying to self-schedule for referee slots in the Fall)
  • Complete the registration process for them as a volunteer for region 20
  • When asked for “Volunteer Role” please click “Youth Referee” (NOT “Referee”)

Step 2

Register your youth referee as a Youth Volunteer with (National AYSO) for MY2018. (not MY2019)

  • Go to
    Click on “Create an Account”. (Don’t log-in/enter your own email and password if you have one)
    Click “I am new to AYSO and want to volunteer”
    Click “I want to do my part as an AYSO youth volunteer”   Click “Next”
    Next page you will enter the youth’s info as asked (first name, last name, phone)—make sure you are consistent with the names used (careful with spelling, don’t mix in nick names, shortened names, etc.) especially when you go to sign up for classes later on AYSOU—be sure to use the same name(s)
    For instance, don’t mix up “Mike and Michael” or “Bob and Robert” between the websites
    Be consistent with the eAYSO registration and the AYSOU account–which you did in the first step
  • Next page you will set up the eAYSO account (again, you will use this same info later for when you go to to create an account and then sign up for classes)
    • Information: the child’s email, set up a password, confirm it, select a secret question, secret answer
  • Next page you choose the Region: state, city
    • Choose “California” and “Santa Monica”
  • Next page you will choose/confirm the “Region”
    • Choose “Region 20-Santa Monica”
  • Next page you will fill out more personal info about the child
    • Have they played for ayso?
    • First name, last name, street address, phone, gender, birthdate, email
    • Also, here you will fill out Emergency Contact information (you?)
  • Next page you will choose Volunteer Job
    • Choose “Youth Referee”
  • Next: Parent Info. Fill it out
  • Next, a Concussion Info sheet. At the bottom you click “Continue”
  • Next, an Agreement. Check a few boxes. At the bottom you click “Continue”
    • You the parent
    • Disclaimer
  • Now you are brought to a Personal Info page (the youth’s info), that is filled out form for you to review and electronically sign
    • First you check a box that you agree to use an electronic signature
    • Then you type your name into the yellow box
    • Make sure to then scroll down all the way to the bottom of this page.
    • At bottom click “Continue”
  • Another “Please Review” page. Scroll down and at bottom click “Submit”
  • Next, you’re brought to a “Region Info” page. At the bottom click “Continue”
  • Next you are shown that ‘you have completed the application’ and you are told to print a copie(s) of the application.
  • But wait, there’s a couple more things to do:
    • You should click on the name of your child (in blue?) and you’ll be shown a copy of the app to print (and/or save to your desktop)
    • If you are routed away from this page, get back to it and at the bottom see and click the “Completed” button. THIS IS KEY!!!
    Do NOT click any buttons here, even though it looks like you should (i.e. the “New Youth Volunteer” button)
    JUST SIGN OUT (upper right corner)

Step 3

Sign up for the Regional Referee class to be held on May 19th:

  • Go to
  • Login using your youth referee login that you just created with the email and password used for eayso (NOT your own account)
  • Click on “My Courses”
  • Click on “Instructor Led Courses”
  • Click on “Referee Instructor Led Courses”
  • Click on “Regional Referee Course”
  • Click on “Register” for “Regional Referee Course – 1/P/0069 Pacific Palisades CA Sunday, May 19, 2019”

Step 4

Do the online training for Safe Haven (do this before May 19th):
You should receive an email from AYSO-U Training confirming registration.

  • Login to using youth referee login email and password (very important to get credit)
    Click on “My Courses”
    Click on “AYSO’s Safe Haven”
    Take the Safe Haven Course (about 20-30 minutes)

Do the online training for CDC Concussion course (do this before May 19th):

  • Login to using youth referee login email and password (very important to get credit)
    Click on “My Courses”
    Click on “CDC Concussion course”
    Take the CDC Concussion course (about 20-30 minutes)

Step 5

Come to class with:

  • Having completed the FOUR steps described above
    Comfortable clothing including shoes (some training will be outside)
    Sunscreen/sun protection (some training will be outside)
    Ready to learn

Registration is open!

Registration for Fall 2019 is now open. Register early benefit from early registration fees.

7U - 19UDatesFee
Early registrationMay 01, - June 15, 2019 $195
Regular registrationJune 16, - July 31, 2019 $285
Late registrationAugust 1, - November 1, 2019 $365
5U & 6UDatesFee
Standard RegistrationStarting May 1, 2018 $195
Standard RegistrationStarting May 1, 2019 $150

Financial assistance is available

IMPORTANT NOTE: Financial aid decisions are being handled differently as of January 1, 2019.  Everyone must re-apply for financial aid, even if you have received financial aid in the past.



Women’s Coaching Initiative

Santa Monica AYSO is committed to recruiting, training, and supporting women coaches.

We provide:

  • Practice plans for the season
  • Mentors
  • Extra training available
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Access to equipment
  • Cool swag

We are a committee of experienced women coaches and other AYSO leaders who are here to support you throughout the season.

She believed she could, so SHE DID!





We need volunteer Referees!

Without quality, trained referees, our children cannot play this game they love so much, and what better vantage point to watch a game from than center field! For such a small investment of your time, you can become a great referee, even with no prior soccer knowledge at all! You will be getting great exercise, feel great, and be helping your children and their peers to have a great soccer experience to boot!

“Regional Referee” (the basic referee course and certification) courses have been scheduled and you can find them on this “Upcoming Referee Training Schedule”  link.   For current referees that want to upgrade to the Intermediate and Advanced certification we will be holding classes right here in Santa Monica on the weekend of August 18-19!  They are also listed in the above link.

To sign up for either of the classes you will need to go to  In the meantime, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to become a volunteer referee.




A quality soccer experience for children with disabilities.

This fall season Region 20 will once again offer an AYSO VIP program to our community. The AYSO VIP (Very Important Player) Program provides a quality soccer experience for children whose physical or mental disabilities make it difficult to successfully participate on mainstream teams.  AYSO VIP players get the unique opportunity to be part of a soccer team for a full season.

All individuals with disabilities are welcome, starting at age 4, there are no upper age limits.

The focus is on fun but also in developing soccer skills and team participation. The VIP program in Santa Monica is coached by some of our most experienced and successful coaches. The coaches are flexible and positive, finding a way for all players to participate and learn to play soccer as fully as they are able.

To Register please go to the registration AYSO Region 20 Registration Tab and register.

An important component of a VIP program, are the Buddies.  Buddies are players from our Core or Extra Program (U12 and above) who assist players on the field with encouragement and if necessary help feed them the ball.

Buddies help players become independent and stay involved to be supporters and friends.

With Buddies involved, parents have some valuable time to sit and enjoy watching their player or players.

Our VIP games take place on Saturday mornings from September through Thanksgiving at Clover Park. Any parent of a player interested in being a buddy can sign up by clicking here.  If you have any questions please contact Gina Hope at

This promises to be a very rewarding experience as well as a great opportunity to gain community service hours.

For more information on AYSO VIP Program: