Referee Pre and Post Game Duties and Activities


  • Arrive early
    • At least 15 minutes prior to game time (20-30 mins if first game of the day) 

    • In proper uniform

    • With required equipment:
               Watch, pens, whistle, coin, flags, data wallet

  • Check field and equipment
    • Markings

    • Holes, glass, rocks, debris, etc.

    • Goals (properly secured)

    • Nets (secured, no holes/gaps)

    • Corner flags

    • Ball

  • Introduce yourself to the Coaches & Team Managers
    • Learn their names and write them down

    • Be approachable (not flippant, cold or arrogant)

    • Request  Lineup Cards (aka Game Cards)

  • Check players equipment
    • Team Uniform:

      • Shirt, Shorts, Shoes, Socks, Shinguards

      • If thermal shorts are worn, they must be the same color as the shorts

      • Shin guards must be under the socks 

      • Goalkeeper’s shirt must be distinguishable

    • Nothing dangerous (in your opinion)

      • No jewelry, watches, earrings

      • No casts or splints (even if padded)

      • Knee braces are okay, but only if padded and safe to all players (in your opinion)

      • Medical alert bracelets may be worn, but must be secured to the player with tape, cloth wristband or something similar that is safe.  The information must remain visible.

  • Brief Assistant Referees
    • Neutral AR’s:

      • Work as a team

      • Follow standard signals

      • Discuss non-standard signals

    • Club Linesmen:

      • Non-neutral

      • Explain expectations

      • Put at ease

      • Only call in/out of play

      • Raise flag straight up when ball has gone completely over the line.

  • Conduct coin toss


  • Collect the game ball and return to owner.

  • Supervise team handshake

  • Complete Lineup Card and Misconduct Report (if any).  Deposit in Field Box.

  • Congratulate referee team and seek feedback

See Lineup Card instructions and Misconduct Report on the Referee Info & Resources page.

Please be sure to review your division guidelines on the Rules & Guidelines page under the INFO & FAQs tab.