How to Become a SM AYSO Coach


AYSO National rules say that each coach must be certified AT THE LEVEL HE OR SHE INTENDS TO COACH IN. This makes sense, right? We want to make sure our kids are being coached by people who have taken the time to learn how to teach soccer!

For that reason, all assistant coaches must also take the coaching clinics, in case they need to cover for the team coach. And these clinics are open to team managers as well. It's fun and educational!

Getting certified is easy; it will only take a few hours of your time. It will give you a chance to connect with your fellow SM AYSO coaches and administrators. And it may even help make you a better coach.

The clinics are designed to be quick, easy, and fun to take - even for those with no prior soccer experience at all. And for those former Premier League players who have turned to AYSO coaching in their retirement, come learn what is age-appropriate for your team.

Sign up to become a coach in two easy steps:

1.Complete the Santa Monica AYSO Region 20 Coaching Preference Form. 

This allows us to assign you to a team and schedule games. You will be asked to provide information that will assist us in this effort, including practice night and division preferences, shirt sizes, training clinic dates, contact info and more.CLICK HERE to complete your division's Coaching Preference form.

This form is separate from indicating your interest to be a coach during player registration or registering on eAYSO, the national site below.


2.Register with AYSO National as a volunteer.

The eAYSO pre-registration form for volunteers is required by child protection policies implemented by AYSO and many other youth sports organizations. All adult volunteers are required to register annually with AYSO.

Additionally, all AYSO volunteers need to complete the Safe Haven course once in their AYSO career.

(Use this link to Volunteer Registration and Safe Haven Certification.)

Again, you do not have to be a soccer expert to come and learn how to teach kids to play the game. We will teach you. Dates of our coach training clinics are on the coaching preference form for each division.

If you need to complete your coach certification and cannot attend the SM AYSO clinics, you will need to attend a clinic at a neighboring region, such as Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills or West LA. You can find links to these clinics on theArea 1P coach clinics site. We'd rather you take our clinics so you can meet fellow coaches and hear about SM AYSO specific coaching guidelines or issues. But if there is no other alternative, then sign-up for one of the other region's clinics and let your Division Commissioner and me (the Regional Coaching Administrator) know so we can follow up on your certification.

NOTE: If you take the coach training course with a different region, donotleave any paperwork with that region.Please contact me or your Division's Coach Coordinator to make arrangements to deliver to our region.

It is highly recommended that you seek certification as early as possible. Certified coaches will receive priority over "pending coaches" when teams are assigned in July.

We're always interested in making our program better. Please contact us with any suggestions you have.

We really appreciate your volunteering. It makes a big difference to the kids.

Christian Bordal
Regional Coach Administrator