League Champion Extended Play

In December we hold playoffs for divisions U10, U12 & U14.  All teams who meet their volunteer points quota are eligible to participate in the playoffs.  The team that successfully advances through the playoffs is considered the League Champion (one team for each division).

These teams will represent our region in the Area 1P League Champion playoffs in mid-January.  The League playoff tournament is a continuation of the primary season for League teams in accordance with the AYSO National Rules and Regulations.  There are no additional fees for teams participating in the League Championship games.  Practices continue as scheduled (contingent upon field availability).

Depending on the number of wild card slots for an individual division that year, more than 1 winner might then advance to the Sectional & State tournaments in March.  


Area 1P player eligibility and playoff rules can be found on the documents page of the Area 1P website.