League Champions & Closing Day Weekend Events

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Fri, 12/31/2010

We hope everyone had a fantastic Closing Day weekend.  Many of the Championship games were quite close, with some going into overtime and two games going into Penalty Kicks!  It’s great to see such competitive matches.  Read all about the drama in the December 17th issue of Santa Monica Mirror and see the photos of the League Champions in a separate announcement in this section. 

Next step for those teams is the Area 1P Tournament on January 15 & 16, where they will face the League Champions from our surrounding regions.  If they are successful there, they advance to Sectionals to face teams from all of Section 1, which includes Southern California & parts of Nevada & Arizona. 

Several players who did not have games showed up to cheer their friends on and/or have a team picnic at Clover or Rogers.  The Surfer Taco Truck was a huge hit at JAMS  - we will certainly invite them back.  Thanks to all who supported that effort to help raise more funds for our Region. 

Our Key Volunteers had a great time capping off the Fall Season with a couple of great soccer matches at JAMS and then celebrating at the Moose Lodge.  We distributed gifts of appreciation to our Community Volunteers (those without children in the program).  If you are a Community Volunteer and were not in attendance, please see a Board Member about receiving your gift.  We want to make sure you receive it on behalf of all 1500 players & families in our Region.