Locomotion Tips


All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 4 games – 2 each on Saturday & Sunday.  Based on the team’s results, you may advance to Monday.  Check the schedule on the Locomotion website : http://locomotion.clubspaces.com

You will find lots of valuable information there.

See Map below for details of locations.  Home teams are on the North side of the field, visitors on the South.



Please note: traffic and parking at the location is quite a nightmare.  We have limited parking permits for coaches and refs. Those who don’t have a parking permit can arrange carpooling to the field with a permit holder from the hotel.  If you can’t carpool, additional parking is available on around the streets as per the map and parking instructions – see map.

Parking is also available:

· Along Main Street (west of the Locomotion complex) Note: Main Street is a high-speed four lane road. Use extreme caution crossing Main Street.

· Along the south side of Placentia Lane (unpaved shoulder), and

· At Reid Park, on Orange Street south of Placentia Lane (paved, approximately 200 spaces)

Allow extra time for traffic and parking

Traffic around the Locomotion fields and parking lots is heaviest throughout Saturday morning and late Sunday morning. If you have games during these times please allow up to an extra 30 minutes to negotiate traffic and find a parking place. Remember, that's up to an extra 30 minutes before the team meets at the field. 


Tent City:

Region 20 tries to coordinate 1 area for all our Saints to gather in between games.  Bring your easy-up / pop-up tent and join our tent city.  See map below for details of the location.


Healthy Food:

Be sure the girls eat a hearty and healthy breakfast on Saturday morning and a hearty (and healthy) snack around in the car or at the field (90 mins before the game). We should plan on another hearty and healthy lunch at the field booths between games and then eating more following the second game.

As a rule, the coaches ask that NO REFINED SUGAR be eaten (or chewed) between games. They’ve seen too many players come crashing down when the sugar high wears off (usually 1/3 into the second game). You also want to stay away from greasy foods (burgers, pizza, …) between games.


Proper Rest:

Be sure your players get a good night’s sleep on Friday and Saturday nights. This will be key.



Don’t forget to bring ALL items of the uniform.

Shoes, Socks, Shorts, Shirt, Shin guards, Sweatshirt, (S)water, Sunscreen, Scrunchie/hair band.

Long sleeve undershirt (Royal Blue or yellow/gold preferred, otherwise dark colors suggested), compression shorts, light gloves, beanie, additional uniform socks, sweatpants, rain jacket, and keeper gloves, if you have any.

RECOMMENDED (from/for the family):
Folding chairs, umbrellas, blanket, rain gear, camera, pop-up shade/rain tent, bathing suit for the hotel, and a fun-filled spirit.


Sideline Conduct:

Please refrain from coaching from the sideline. That’s the coaches job (the tournament rules are very specific about this). Please DO CHEER (and compliment both teams), but let the coaches give the advice and instruction to our girls. And, of course, no matter how hard it may be, DO NOT ADDRESS THE REFEREES—again, that’s the coaches job !



Many Region 20 families spend Saturday night at one of the two Hiltons in nearby San Bernardino.  Both Hiltons are only 1 block from each other.  Rooms fill up way in advance, so book early.  Ask for an AYSO Region 20 discount rate.  Even if you choose to commute each day, it can still be fun to join your friends and teammates for an afternoon swim or dinner at the hotel before heading home.

Hilton San Bernardino     

Hilton Garden Inn, San Bernardino


Team Dinner:

Many teams choose to have a team dinner on Saturday night.  Given the tournament is held on a holiday weekend (and sometimes coinciding with Valentine’s Day), it is important to make reservations in advance.  If you prefer to eat at the hotel, both hotels are very accommodating about setting up a group meal/banquet if contacted in advance. 



Be prepared for everything.  It is not uncommon for Locomotion to have a hail storm one day and a heat wave the next.  Riverside weather forecast link.


Referee Team

Your team’s referee squad is required to referee 4 games to get our referee deposit returned.

The refs must be at the main referee tent 30 mins before each scheduled game. The referee schedule is posted on the Locomotion website.


Maps :


Ab Brown Soccer Complex Rules

1.    No pets of any type – specifically NO DOGS

2.    No smoking, alcoholic beverages or glass bottles are allowed

3.    No open fires, barbeques, propane heaters or similar items

4.    Speed limit is 5 MPH

5.    No tents or awnings are allowed between the playing fields. Tents or awnings shall only be erected on the perimeters of the Complex

6.    No parking in unauthorized areas. Improperly parked vehicles may be towed.

7.    No selling, soliciting or distribution of advertisements without prior written approval

8.    No vehicles of any kind (including bicycles) allowed on the fields or any grass area

9.    No hanging or swinging on goal posts or trees

10.No climbing on top of any buildings or structures

11.No vehicles (including RVs) longer than 23 feet - even with a parking or handicapped permit. Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas will be towed.