Region 20 Kicks From the Penalty Mark Summary

AYSO Region 20
Kicks From The Penalty Mark Summary
revised and effective 12/01/2015

In AYSO Region 20, one of our core philosophies is “Everyone Plays.”  We also play “short-sided” games (that is, with fewer than 11 players on the field) in younger divisions.  For these two reasons, Region 20’s procedures for Kicks from the Penalty Mark differ from FIFA procedures in two areas:

  1. In FIFA procedures, only players on the pitch at the end of play are eligible to take part in Kicks from the Penalty Mark (KFTPM). In Region 20, all team members will be eligible for KFTPM.
  2. In FIFA procedures, teams with more players must “reduce to equate” to a team with fewer players.  That is, some players are prevented from taking part in KFTPM.   In Region 20, we do not prevent players from participating.  We do not reduce to equate.

Region 20 KFTPM procedures are as follows: 

·      In the case of a tie at the conclusion of the two overtimes, the winner shall be determined by taking of kicks from the penalty mark as follows:

·      Before the start of kicks from the penalty mark the referee shall ensure that all players from each team remain within the center circle and they shall take the kicks.

·      Any player on the team may take part in the Initial Group of Five Kicks From the Mark (NOT only players on the field at the end of regulation or overtime).

·      KFTPM starts with each team alternately taking five penalty kicks at the same goal; each one shall be taken by a different player; the team scoring the most goals shall be declared the winner.

·      Should both teams score the same number of goals, the kicks shall continue in the same order (each kick being taken by a different player until all players of each team have participated) until such time as both teams have taken an equal number of kicks (not necessarily five) and one team has scored a goal more than the other; this team shall be declared the winner.

·      The goalkeeper may be changed after any kick. No players may be exempted from taking a kick if the number of kicks required to be taken equals or exceeds the number of players on the field.  

·      Unless the referee specifies otherwise, non-participating players, substitutes, coaches and other spectators may be allowed on the field behind the halfway line, or off the field behind the penalty area.  They shall not interfere in any way with the participating players or referees. 

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