Register as a Referee in Santa Monica AYSO

Santa Monica AYSO uses a website called InLeague to register and track all participants and volunteers including Referees. Please follow these step by step instructions.

  • Click here to go to the SM AYSO registration page. Will open in a new tab.
  • Enter your email address. If you are already registered in eAYSO, please use the same email address, name & date of birth in both systems so they will synchronize. Important: if you have an email address, DO NOT USE IT.  Use your regular personal email address instead.
  • Click Proceed to Registration
  • Complete the registration form.  You need to complete all fields marked with a ‘*’ at a minimum.
  • Under Volunteer Information check all applicable boxes.  Be sure and check Referee
  • Under Referee Division, select each division that you will referee for.
  • Click Create Parent Record
  • If there is more than one referee in your family, click Create another Parent Account and repeat for each additional referee.
  • Click Go to my Family Profile Page
  • On the InLeague menu bar, click Referees and select Activate Referee Functions
  • Check I would like to volunteer as a referee for AYSO
  • Click Update Volunteer Info
  • Complete the form with your referee certification info.
  • Click Update Volunteer Info
  • Congratulations!! You are enrolled as a Referee in Santa Monica.
  • Now you need to register with AYSO National using the same email address (all of our volunteers need to do this annually). Refer to the section, Register with National AYSO.