Selection Criteria for Turkey, Spring Select & All-Star

The selection criteria for the players (in no particular order) are:

(i)    Skill level of the player

(ii)   Attitude and commitment to play through the spring

(iii)  Volunteer status of family.  Turkey Teams can and should reward key volunteers from the regular season teams by selecting players that might otherwise not make a postseason team.

(iv)  All Star players must have played in at least 72% of their division’s regular season games. Tournament team players must have played in at least 50% of the division’s regular season games. Except in the situation where the player is assigned in time to meet this requirement but is unable to play because of illness, injury, or a change of residence which causes a change of region. If questions arise, Division Commissioners are responsible for providing the game card data that confirm a player’s eligibility.

(v)  All-Star players must compete in the division in which they participated during the regular season. Spring Select players must be age eligible for the division (but could have played up during the regular season).

(vi)  Player must be in good financial standing with the region. Tournament or Spring Registration fees are due prior to the first practice.

(vii) Tournaments or playoffs may have additional criteria which would prevent a player from participating in that particular tournament, but not the team in general.  (i.e., some may have a rule that any player or coach who receives a red card for fighting during the regular regional season will be ineligible to participate).