SM AYSO Eliminates Goalkeepers in All Divisions

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Sat, 04/02/2011

In a unanimous decision, the Executive Board voted this morning to remove Goalkeepers from all divisions in all games. Citing AYSO National research, Asst. Regional Commissioner Guido Davis Del Piccolo noted that " are more likely to shoot often when there's no goalkeeper. With a goalkeeper there, they become apprehensive, looking for the perfect shot that they are unable to achieve with a goalkeeper in the way."
Asst. Regional Commissioner Karen Miller commented that "baseball has seen a surge in attendance with more home runs. Eliminating goalkeepers will help increase the number of goals, and ideally attendance at games." Head Coach Christian Bordal noted that "we spend all this time teaching kids not to use their hands, then we tell them if they play keeper, it's okay to use their hands. It's all very confusing to both players & coaches." Regional Commissioner Marc Dauber pointed out that US National Goalkeeper, Tim Howard played midfielder in high school as well as basketball. "The ball-handling skills in basketball were instrumental in his becoming a strong goalkeeper. Rather than standing around in a goal waiting for the 4 or 5 shots a game, he was able to block 75 shots per game in basketball. I predict all future goalkeepers will come from the basketball court. AYSO needs to focus on training the kids on the field." Asst. Regional Commissioner Jeffrey Safrit summed up the Board's sentiment saying "Goalkeepers get in the way of a good shot.  Goalkeepers get in the way of good soccer.  This move gets them out of the way." 

At the time of this writing, it is still being determined whether other AYSO regions will follow suit.

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