Team Manager Responsibilities

Team Manager Responsibilities -- Roughly Chronological Order


  • Inform Division Commissioner (DC) of player status as soon as you know (drops, confirmations, no responses).
  • Solicit volunteers to staff required roles see “TM Checklist” on website.
  • Collect appropriate paperwork from coaches, referees, & practice chaperones and check their photo IDs.
  • Submit to DC your completed “TM Checklist” (see website) and collected paperwork in exchange for uniforms.


  • Distribute team roster to team.
  • Develop snack schedule.


  • Inform & remind your families about Silent Saturday.
  • Recruit players for 5v5 tournament and submit application (u10 and above).
  • Facilitate Picnic in the Park team volunteers (all divisions).
  • Inform families of team photo time (and 5v5 game times for u10 and above).


  • Inform families of playoff game times (u10 and above).
  • Organize end of season party (many teams contribute for coaches gifts; don’t forget to recognize the referees on your team too).
  • Pick up photos and medals for team for distribution at your end of season party.


  • Remind snack family on Thursday or Friday of each week.
  • Print out "referee game card" for each game (u8 and above).
  • Inform team of any field closures (school holidays, school events, air quality, rain ...) and/or practice or game changes (LINK ON WEBSITE and Twitter Feed).
  • Review Volunteer Referee Point total (u10 and above) – Can be found on game schedule: Select “View Division Standings” at the top. The first column is “VPts” (i.e., Volunteer Points earned by referees).