Team Volunteer Roles

Everyone Plays!  Everyone Volunteers!

Santa Monica AYSO is a parent-based, ALL-volunteer organization. In order to deliver a quality soccer program for your children, we need your help.  For some parents that might mean weekly involvement, while for others it may mean concentrating their participation a few times a year, such as with a special event or preparing the launch of a new season.  Every parent has either a special talent or simply some spare time to help.

Each team has certain on-the-field roles that are necessary for the weekly success of that team, i.e, Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager, & Practice Chaperone.  In addition, each team is required to provide a minimum of 3 referees, so we can ensure that our games are safe, fair & fun for the players.  Team Referees earn Volunteer Points, which are used to qualify the team for special awards or advancement in the playoffs.  The remaining parents are expected to assist in an off-the-field administrative capacity.  Read through these descriptions to see what appeals to you. There are lots of choices! 

No soccer knowledge is required for any role.  We provide all required training/certification for Team Volunteer Roles.

Sets up and runs training and practices for the team. Is responsible for the conduct of players, parents and others associated with the team at all practices and games.  (Age appropriate training & certification—provided by AYSO—will be required.)

Gives assistance to, and can substitute for, the head coach as needed.  (Age appropriate training & certification—provided by AYSO—will be required).

As the coach's administrative partner, oversees team organizational needs. Coordinates parent volunteer assignments and refreshment schedules, handles communications with players' families, prepares team rosters, collects & maintains player medical release forms, etc.  (Safe Haven online training & certification will be required.)

REFEREE (Center):
The official in charge of the match at every game. The referee's #1 job is to keep the game safe, fair, and fun for the players.  (Age appropriate training & certification—provided by AYSO—will be required).

The assistant referees signal when the ball has gone out of bounds, signal the direction of restart and in U10 & above, recognize and signal offside violations.   Assistant Refs also document the playing time of each player on the game card.  (Age appropriate training & certification—provided by AYSO—will be required).

Person must be the same gender as the players.  Promotes AYSO’s Kids Zone & Safe Haven policies at the team level.  Attends all practices and accompanies players to the restroom as necessary.  (Safe Haven online training & certification will be required.)

In rare instances, due to logistical reasons, it may be impossible for a parent to volunteer in any way (i.e., working out of the country).  In such cases, they may choose to Opt Out of volunteering by making an Opt Out Donation of $350 per child.  However, your volunteer participation is much more valuable to our region and your child.

Rather than helping out only with one particular team, parents may choose to take on a role that benefits your division or the region as a whole.  Many roles can be done from home on your own time.  Learn more about a select few. (Safe Haven online training & certification will be required for most roles.)