Referee Registration

All referees need to register with Santa Monica AYSO Region 20. We are no longer using “eayso” like we have in previous years as the Santa Monica “inLeague” system will now automatically sync with National AYSO.

New referees need to complete an AYSO Regional Referee training course which covers the Laws of the Game, the way AYSO soccer games are structured (from opening coin-toss to closing handshakes), and the spirit and philosophy of AYSO. The introductory clinics are designed to be quick, easy, and fun to take – even for those with no prior soccer experience at all. You will also need to complete an online Safe Haven course and a CDC concussion awareness course.

Complete your annual referee registration in one easy step:

1. Register with Santa Monica “inLeague” AYSO as a Referee Volunteer.
This allows us to schedule your games.