Register as a Referee in Santa Monica AYSO

Santa Monica AYSO uses a website called InLeague to register and track all participants and volunteers including Referees. Please follow these step by step instructions.

  • Click here to go to the SM AYSO registration page. Will open in a new tab.
    Enter your email address. If you are already registered in eAYSO, please use the same email address, name & date of birth in both systems so they will synchronize. Important: if you have an email address, DO NOT USE IT. Use your regular personal email address instead.
    Click Proceed to Registration
    Complete the registration form. You need to complete all fields marked with a ‘*’ at a minimum.
    Under Volunteer Information check all applicable boxes. Be sure and check Referee
    Under Referee Division, select each division that you will referee for.
    Click Create Parent Record
    If there is more than one referee in your family, click Create another Parent Account and repeat for each additional referee.
    Click Go to my Family Profile Page
    On the InLeague menu bar, click Referees and select Activate Referee Functions
    Check I would like to volunteer as a referee for AYSO
    Click Update Volunteer Info
    Complete the form with your referee certification info.
    Click Update Volunteer Info
    Congratulations!! You are enrolled as a Referee in Santa Monica.
    Now you need to register with AYSO National using the same email address (all of our volunteers need to do this annually). Refer to the section, Register with National AYSO.