What is the best way to stay informed about Region (SM AYSO) events & issues?

This website, and staying in touch with your coach or team manager. The e-mail address you use during registration is the best way for us to contact you and keep you informed. You may update your contact information at any time after you have registered by entering the registration section as a returning player.

Is there a Spring league in Santa Monica?

No. But in Divisions U10 and above, there are ‘select’ tournament teams and all-star teams that participate in tournaments in other areas. See the post-season play section on this website for more information.


Does Region 20 offer Summer Camps?

Yes! In conjunction with AYSO National & UK International Soccer Camps, Santa Monica AYSO hosts one or two weeks of summer camps in the late summer. Last year’s camp sold out, so look for a sign-up announcement on our home page in the Spring and register early. Our Summer Camp is open to the entire local community, ages 4-16. Summer Camp is a great way to get your player soccer fit for the season.


What is the mailing address for SM AYSO?

Santa Monica AYSO Region 20
P.O. Box 91
Santa Monica, CA 90406-0091

However, the most efficient way to reach the region is via e-mail. See the BOARD & STAFF CONTACTS tab on the home page of the website for e-mail contacts.


Do I need to live in Santa Monica to participate?

No. Region 20 consists primarily of Santa Monica residents, but also includes the surrounding communities of Mar Vista, Marina del Rey & Venice. If you do not reside in any of these communities, you are still welcome to join Region 20, but there may be another region more convenient for you. Check the national website for details.


Who supervises the Region?

An elected Regional Commissioner, Board and Staff Members. These people are ALL volunteers and are NOT paid for their time and dedication.


Who is Santa Monica AYSO, Region 20?

We are the community-based league (called a Region) and a member of AYSO National since 1972. We are Region 20, located in Area 1, Section P. With over 1,500 players, we are the largest youth sports organization in Santa Monica.