Welcome to AYSO Region 20

Starting Tuesday, April 28th and lasting for 8 weeks, we’ll release weekly online training sessions with Coach Brett of AYSO 20/ Coerver San Fernando.

• Tuesdays, 6PM PST: Beginners
• Wednesdays, 6PM PST: Intermediate
• Thursdays, 6PM PST: Advanced

Week 1



Upcoming Referee Courses

Remember to register as a volunteer with inLeague if you haven’t already, then go to www.aysou.org to register for a course!

Check eTrainU
Arcadia Roadshow to hold Int/Adv/Nat classes January 7-8.
Go to "eTrainU" to find classes listed
All volunteers must have taken CDC Heads Up Concussion course, AYSO's Safe Haven course, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and SafeSport course. These courses are found at "eTrainU" -- our new educational platform.
Go to eTrainU by clicking the "graduation cap" icon in the upper right-hand corner of your InLeague home page.
Once into eTrainU, click the "Training Library" icon --> click Safe Haven View Courses --> then take all four courses if you haven't already.


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