NEW “TEST PROGRAM” (starting MY2023): 10U/12U parent volunteer referees may officiate (CR or AR) your own child’s game. (8U can already do this.)

Center Referee “certification requirements” apply for 12U and 14U (must be “Intermediate Candidate” or higher to do 12U CR, and “Advanced Candidate” or higher to CR the 14U games). 

Newly modified self-scheduling rules/guidelines (“dibs”) apply.  Go to REFEREE tab, and see “Self-Scheduling Rules/Guidelines” subheading for details.

Interested in being a VOLUNTEER REFEREE for your kid’s team? They are going to NEED you (at all age levels)!!!

Please reach out to Gray O’Brien at   Also, click under the REFEREE tab on this website for full instructions on how to become a referee.

At the 5/6/7U ages you just need a simple 1-hour Zoom Orientation. Contact for the link.

At the 8/10/12/14U ages there is a significant amount of “work” to do.  8/10/12/14U training involves a required pre-requisite online referee training part, and then attending an in-person classroom session. You must complete the online referee training modules/exam before attending the in-person session (especially if you are new to the game). Online modules/exam are accessed through eTrainU/AYSOU. See instructions under REFEREE tab.   

Upcoming In-Person Regional Referee classes for 8U-14U volunteers: The Arcadia Roadshow will offer classes on 1/6/24. There are no Santa Monica classes scheduled yet. Classes usually held at Colorado Center “community room” or Reed Park “conference room.”

AYSO 20 Online Training Sessions

Tune the skills and get the body moving. Check out the entire collection of online training sessions with Coach Brett of AYSO 20/ Coerver San Fernando

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