Team Manager Role & Responsibilities

No experience or soccer training needed for this role, just enthusiasm! The Team Manager/Team Parent/Team Administrator (all terms mean the same thing) is the Coach’s administrative partner, handling team organizational needs so the Coach can be free to coach. The Team Manager organizes and manages the other parents to maximize the kids’ enjoyment of their AYSO experience.

The overall responsibilities are:

  • Remind parents of the importance of “VOLUNTEERISM” in Region 20 AYSO.  It is their responsibility to contribute/participate to the team that their child is a part of.
  • Ensure at least one parent from EVERY family volunteers for a role (Referee, Chaperone, etc) on the team or the region.
  • Volunteer Referees are one of the most important elements of AYSO, and without them we can’t conduct the games in a Fair, Safe, and Fun manner.  Instruct prospective volunteer referees to take the referee course appropriate for your age division.  The Region will offer courses and seminars to help prepare them for this important (and fun) role.  Send them to the  “Becoming a Referee” link   and   “Referee Training”  link.
  • Schedule (and alternate) parents to provide snacks, bring water and half-time refreshments for every game.
  • Liaison with the division commissioners regarding information the team may need to know.
  • Organize an occasional after-game activity, the team awards and photos.



  • Inform Division Commissioner (DC) of player status as soon as you know (drops, confirmations, no responses).
  • Solicit volunteers to staff required roles (see “Team Manager Document Checklist” in the Miscellaneous section on the Manager Resources page).
  • Make sure volunteers such as Team Manager, Referee, Coach, Assistant Coach, Chaperone have all registered/re-registered with eAYSO–they need to do this EVERY year.
  • Collect appropriate paperwork from coaches, referees, & practice chaperones and check their photo IDs.
  • Submit to DC your completed “Team Manager Document Checklist” (found in the Miscellaneous section on the Manager Resources page) and collected paperwork in exchange for uniforms.


  • Distribute team roster to team.
  • Develop snack schedule.
  • Check on status of your “new referees.” Are there any prospective candidates that haven’t stepped up?


  • Inform & remind your families about Silent Saturday.
  • Recruit players for 5v5 tournament and submit application (U10 and above).
  • Facilitate Picnic in the Park team volunteers (all divisions).
  • Inform families of team photo time (and 5v5 game times for U10 and above).
  • Keep track of “Referee Volunteer Points” during the season earned by the team’s volunteers.
  • Inform families of playoff game times (U9/10 and above).
  • Organize end of season party (many teams contribute for coaches gifts; don’t forget to recognize the referees on your team too).
  • Pick up photos and medals for team for distribution at your end of season party.


  • Make a team banner.
  • Report scores to the Division Commissioner.
  • For U6 through U10, help recruit parents to be the referees for your team games. Region 20 AYSO provides uniforms and training. Each team is required to have a minimum number of trained & certified referees available for each game.
  • Remind snack family on Thursday or Friday of each week.
  • Pick up and return balls and cones for the team.
  • Find “net parents” to put up or take down nets when the team has the first or last game at the field.
  • Print out Game Card (from Manager Resources page) and give to Coach and Referee at each game (U8 and above).
  • Find someone to administer the team website with team news & updates.
  • Have someone take action photos of the team and distribute or post to the team website.
  • Inform team of any field closures (school holidays, school events, air quality, rain …) and/or practice or game changes (LINK ON WEBSITE and Twitter Feed).
  • Liaison administrative needs with Division Commissioner.
  • Review “Volunteer Referee Points” total (U9 and above) throughout the season so you know where you stand come Playoff time – This “total” can be found on game schedule: Select “View Division Standings” at the top. The first column is “VPts” (i.e., Volunteer Points earned by referees).


Volunteers are the lifeblood of AYSO. To ensure the safety of both children and volunteers, each volunteer is required to take a short online training session called Safe Haven™. It focuses on safety and appropriate behavior with children as well as first aid and other on-field issues. Agreeing to a background check is also required for each volunteer, annually.

Becoming Safe Haven™ certified may take a few minutes of your time, but AYSO families know their children’s safety is worth it.  Safe Haven™ is both a child and volunteer protection program. It was the first of its kind in youth sports.

For that reason, we require all Team Managers (as well as Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Referees, & Practice Chaperones)  to take Safe Haven training and recommend it to everyone else in our region.  We should all be cognizant of procedures that will help ensure the safety of our children.

To become a team manager, go to the Complete Adult Volunteer Registration page.