Financial Aid Policy

All Families Must Re-apply for Financial Aid for the Fall Season.

The Santa Monica AYSO community of families wants all children to be able to experience the
joy of playing soccer, regardless of financial means. We have financial assistance available for
families for whom the registration fee would be a financial hardship. Funds are limited so please
only apply if you truly cannot afford to pay the registration fee. You will be required to upload
documentation of your financial need, such as your most recent federal tax return (for both
parents of the player). If you are unwilling to provide acceptable documentation, do not apply for
financial aid.

To apply, parents/guardians must fully complete the web-based Financial Aid Application.

After your financial aid application has been considered, you will be notified by email. Then
you should promptly return to InLeague to pay your portion of the registration fee.

Important: You must apply for financial aid by the deadline below and wait for a response
before you pay your registration fee. We cannot give “financial aid refunds” if you pay the
registration fee before your financial aid application is acted on.
The information you provide in your financial aid application will be treated with discretion and
reviewed only as necessary to consider your application.

If you are granted financial aid, it will be a percentage discount off of the registration fee that is in effect at the time you complete your player’s registration and pay your portion of the registration fee. It is your responsibility to apply for financial aid no later than seven (7) days prior to the relevant registration deadline if you also want to take advantage of the early registration discounts that are generally available.

Late financial aid applications may not be accepted, and also may cause you to miss out on discounts that may be generally available for early registration.

Financial aid will be awarded based on need, until funds set aside for financial aid have been
depleted. Other factors being equal, we grant priority and additional aid to active volunteers. We
are a 100% volunteer-based organization. Please contribute your time and energy to the local
community that is supporting your child.