Team Manager Resources And Login


InLeague is the AYSO database for all the players, teams, games and standings.
Team Staff can log in here to view updates and changes to team roster.

Tips For Inputting your Team Name:

  1. Under the ‘Coaches’ drop-down menu, select ‘Team Rosters & Admin.’
  2. Select the button next to ‘Team Name & Colors Page’
  3. Select “Display Selected Page”
  4. In the “Team Name” Box, please add the team name EXACTLY as you want it to appear. It will be used on the photos and medals at the end of the season. We will assume any misspellings are intentional.
  5. There is no need to input any other information on this page.
  6. Select “Update Team Data”


  • Assigning Team Volunteers [video]
  • Assigning Uniform Numbers, Entering Team Names, & Printing Game Cards [video]
  • Printing Medical Release Forms and Using Email Manager [video]  
  • Accessing and Using the InLeague System [video]
  • Accssing Information on the website [video]
  • Accessing the Practice Schedule [video]

GAMES – Info & Documents (Also be sure to review your Division’s Guidelines under the Info & FAQs tab.)

PRACTICES – Info & Documents

MISCELLANEOUS – Useful Documents