Extra Program Details

**UPDATED FOR 2024**

1. TEAMS AND AGE GROUPS.   Extra teams play in single year divisions. These are the divisions we anticipate forming girls and boys teams for Fall 2024 (NOTE: Girls only for 2011/12):

Birth YearDivision# PlayersRoster sizeDivision Guidelines
10U Division Guidelines
12U Division Guidelines
201312U912-1312U Division Guidelines
2011/1214U1115-1614U Division Guidelines

Team formation is subject to availability of sufficient number of qualified players and coaches.  Section 1 may also decide not to field a division for a given age group.

2.  PLAYER COMMITMENT.  Players selected for Extra teams are expected to make AYSO Soccer their first priority of extra-curricular sports activities.  Extra players are not permitted to play club soccer concurrent with the Fall Extra Season.

3. COACHES.   All Extra coaches will be qualified at a level above what is required of core AYSO coaches. For those interested in coaching an Extra team and understanding what is required of the coaches, see Coach Information.

4. PROFESSIONAL TRAINERS.   To make sure the Extra Program has the best coaching resources available, all Extra teams will be offered professional trainers to work side-by-side with the team’s coaching staff at one of the two practices each week. Each trainer is an outstanding coach with years of playing and coaching experience with club, high school, and/or professional soccer. All trainers are experienced in working with youth soccer players of all ages, and all are Safe Haven-certified.

5.  PRACTICES.  All Extra team players are required to participate in two regularly scheduled weeknight practices. Please see Parent Commitments for practice attendance requirements.

  • Practices will generally run for 1.5 hours.  Practices may run longer or shorter depending on the age of the players, the coach and trainer’s preference, and field availability.
  • Practices will be conducted by qualified AYSO coaches and paid professional trainers.
  • Practices are typically held at the same fields used in the Fall AYSO program.

6.  GAMES.  Games of the Extra Fall season are played on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Home games are played at Santa Monica fields.  Away games will be at hosting regions throughout Section 1 (Pacific Palisades to Pasadena to Palos Verdes).  The Extra Fall League Season runs from August through January.  Extra teams that advance to the playoffs will have additional games in February and Marcha.  Extra Teams may also participate in tournaments during the Extra fall season.

At the conclusion of the Fall Extra season,  Extra teams will join the Spring tournament circuit.  This may include Spring Leagues (e.g Kenneth Hahn or Palos Verdes) and tournaments such as Locomotion (Riverside) or Strawberry Cup (Camarillo).

7. COST. Extra players must be registered for the 2024-25 season. Cost to participate in the Extra program is comprised of the following:

  • Regular season registration fee. This amount varies depending on when you register (early bird, regular, or late registration).
  • Extra program fee (approximately $350) . This covers additional field usage, home and away uniforms, professional trainers, and Section 1 administrative fee.
  • Spring Fee. (approximately $350) All players who play spring tournament soccer are required to pay the Spring Fee.  This fee is not collected until the start of the Spring season.

At the conclusion of the Fall portion of the Extra season, Extra teams can choose to enter tournaments and additional costs will be determined by the number of tournaments attended. We anticipate the costs to be similar to the cost of of participating on a Spring tournament team.

Payment is due within three days of your acceptance.

8. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE.  Financial assistance for Extra players is available.

9. PARENTAL COMMITMENT.   All parents will be required to have a volunteer role for their Extra team.  Extra families will be encouraged to have at least one family member enroll in referee classes.  In addition, each Extra team will be required to provide volunteer hours to  the Fall Core program.  Please review Parent Commitments, and remember, being on an Extra team means not only Extra commitment from the players, but from the families as well.

Thanks for showing interest in the Santa Monica Extra Program.  If you have any questions, feel free to email extrachair@ayso20.org