Disciplinary Action–Team Officials (NEW for 2019 LOTG)

Carding Team Officials !!!  (new 2019)

Yes you heard me right, the Changes to the LOTG for 2019 are going to include an addendum to Law 12 under the “3.  Disciplinary Action” section.

Up until now, you could only show a card (YC/RC) to players, subs, substituted players. Irresponsible behavior by Team Officials (and AYSO spectators) were dealt with by verbal warnings and then possibly being expelled from the field of play.

As the Match Official you may now (June, 2019) have the power to show the Team Officials a YC or RC.  Spectators won’t get carded (I think), but the senior Team Official is ultimately responsible for their sideline’s behavior. If the Coach cannot control their spectator(s), the Coach may be disciplined as well as having the spectator(s) asked to leave the immediate vicinity.

New LOTG Amended Text:

Warning (verbal)     (and then if repeated or blatant should result in YC or RC):

  • entering FOP in a respectful/non-confrontational manner
  • failing to cooperate with a MO (ignoring an instruction/request from AR/4th Official)
  • minor/low-level disagreement (by word or action) with a decision
  • occasionally leaving the confines of the technical area without committing another offence

Caution (Yellow Card)   Caution offences include (but are not limited to):

  • clearly/persistently not respecting the confines of their teams technical area
  • delaying the restart of play by their team
  • deliberately entering the technical area of the opposing team (non-confrontational)
  • dissent by word or action including:
    • throwing/kicking drinks bottles or other objects
    • gestures which show a clear lack of respect for the match officials (eg sarcastic clapping)
  • excessively/persistently gesturing for a red or yellow card
  • gesturing or acting in a provocative or inflammatory manner
  • persistent unacceptable behavior (including repeated warning offences)
  • showing a lack of respect for the game

Sending-off (Red Card)  Sending-off offences include (but are not limited to):

  • delaying the restart of play by the opposing team (eg holding onto the ball, kicking the ball away, obstructing the movement of a player)
  • deliberately leaving the TA to:
    • show dissent towards, or remonstrate with, a MO
    • act in a provocative or inflammatory manner
  • enter the opposing technical area in an aggressive or confrontational manner
  • deliberately throwing/kicking an object onto the FOP
  • entering the FOP to:
    • confront a MO (including at half-time and full-time)
    • interfere with play, an opposing player or MO
  • physical or aggressive behavior (including spitting or biting) towards an opposing player, sub, TO, MO, spectator or any other person
  • receiving a second caution in the same match
  • using offensive, insulting, or abusive language and/or gestures
  • using unauthorized electronic equip
  • violent conduct