2018 Section 1 Extra Guidelines

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Section 1 EXTRA Program Overview

2023 Section1 Extra Guidelines

AYSO Reference Book — go to pp 47 (2.11)


1) Objectives The objective of the EXTRA program is for accelerated player development by playing in a more challenging league. EXTRA is designed to give AYSO players additional opportunities to play in a more competitive environment among other teams from Section 1.

2) Application of AYSO Philosophies The Section 1 EXTRA Circuit must comply with the Six Philosophies of AYSO as follows:

  • ● EVERYONE PLAYS – We mandate that each player from the teams participating must play at least one half of said game.
  • ● BALANCED TEAMS – Each year new teams must be formed. If a Region has more than one team, gender/age bracket, in EXTRA, these teams must be balanced.
  • ● OPEN REGISTRATION – Any player may try out for the EXTRA program in the Region they register in. All player try out opportunities shall be widely advertised to all potential players.
  • ● POSITIVE COACHING – Only the highest caliber of properly trained coaches are to be recruited by a Region to ensure the best experience possible for the players of a team.
  • ● GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP – All players, coaches, parents, and other AYSO volunteers in the EXTRA program are expected to adhere to the highest standard of positive conduct and sportsmanship.
  • ● PLAYER DEVELOPMENT – By recruiting the highest caliber of properly trained and certified coaches, each player has a greater success in achieving a higher level of development in the Section 1 EXTRA West Circuit program.