Coach Information

Head Coach and Assistant Coach Requirements

Coaches participating in the Extra Program will be some of our most talented and experienced coaches. In order to coach in the Extra program, Coaches and Assistant Coaches must:

  • Be registered as a volunteer on eAYSO;
  • Be an AYSO trained coach as specified in these guidelines;
  • Be Safe Haven certified
  • Be an active participant in the Region’s standard primary program as an instructor, coach or Referee mentor, or other volunteer service the Region determines adequate to fulfill this requirement;
  • Be in good standing with the Region, Area, Section and AYSO National;
  • Be approved by the Extra Coach Selection Committee;
  • Be evaluated and renewed each membership year; and
  • Complete the online Coach Application form by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Coaches and Assistant Coaches must have completed the following minimum training below, which may be satisfied after submitting the coach application as long as the certifications are obtained prior to the start of the season:

  • 10U – 12U Coach required
  • 11U &/or 12U – 12U Coach required; Intermediate Coach strongly recommended
  • 14U – Intermediate Coach required; Advanced Coach strongly recommended

Those wanting to coach must complete the online application and submit it for approval. The Region and/or Area Extra Coach Coordinator will conduct a mandatory Extra Program coach meeting prior to the start of the Extra season, which each coach and assistant coach assigned to an Extra team must attend.

Apply to be an EXTRA coach.