6U-12U Coach Certification

All Coaching sign ups for online and field sessions are now done thru AYSOU.org website.

6U requirements: 1) online module (AYSOU.org), 2) classroom session (aug 24), 3) field session (aug 27)
8U requirements: 1) online module (AYSOU.org), 2) field session (aug 27)
10U requirements: 1) online module (AYSOU.org), 2) field session (aug 27)
12U requirements: 1) classroom session (aug 24), 2) field session (aug 27)
You must complete ALL components to receive your certification and to be considered for a Coaching position. See below for certification information.

All coaches must be SAFE HAVEN certified.
In addition to SAFE HAVEN certification, all coaches must be certified at the level they intend to coach (U5 & U6 coaches must take the U6 course, U7 & U8 coaches must take the U8 course, U9 & U10 coaches must take the U10 course, U11 & U12 coaches must take the U12 course).

First, please log into your eAYSO account and update your registration to be current and MY2017. To sign up for field sessions and online training:

Log into www.AYSOU.org, sign in using your eAYSO user and password and look under “LIVE COURSES”, click on date “Aug 27” for your appropriate field session in Santa Monica. Register for session;
then you must sign up and complete online component prior to field session which costs $7:

1) Go to www.aysou.org
2) After login with eAYSO user and password, select eCommerce -> Products
3) Click on Coach Training on the left
4) Scroll to Correct Coach Course that you want to take online
5) Click Buy Now and continue.
To the extent you cannot attend our courses, please search for another class via www.AYSOU.org. After signing on, please click on the “LIVE COURSES” option, find the course you are looking for, along with an appropriate date, time and place. Regardless, please take the online component as you must complete this prior to any field session.

Thanks again for volunteering to help our kids.

Ted Quong
Regional Coach Administrator