Referee Info & Resources: “How to become a referee; training” and Other Helpful Resources

“Regional Referee” training–required for 8U-14U volunteer parent referees/assistant referees:

The basic/first referee course, “Regional Referee,” for these age divisions (8U-14U) consists of taking online referee training modules (9 modules/chapters, plus an exam) and also coming to an in-person classroom session that reviews online material and emphasizes the mechanics of being a Center Referee and an Assistant Referee, allowing you to contribute to your child’s 8U-14U volunteer referee requirements. Without CRs and ARs, the games just can’t be played–we need you. The KIDS need you.  Online training can be accessed through your InLeague account via “eTrainU/AYSOU” the online educational platform. The in-person classroom sessions begin in August and will be available every weekend leading up to the season. Get started on your online referee modules/requirements ASAP–these are required prerequisites before coming to the classroom session. 

Reach out to our Regional Referee Administrator for more info:   

There are detailed instructions in the “How to Become a Referee” drop-down menu under the REFEREES main tab of this website, click this link.

5U/6U/7U Training — “Volunteer Parent Referee” Orientation:

All you need to do for your child’s 5/6/7U team is attend a 45-minute Zoom Volunteer Parent Referee Orientation. There will be several opportunities (leading up to Opening Day) to sit in on one of these Zoom sessions. If you are interested, reach out to our Regional Referee Administrator at and get your date/time and Zoom link. Next thing is to pick up your “gear” including a yellow referee t-shirt, a whistle, and cap (cap optional). Then you’re good to go. Best seat in the house.

Volunteer “safety courses” required—all volunteers working directly with the kids need these: 

All volunteers working directly with the kids need to take the following National AYSO (and/or California mandated) required “safety courses”:  Safe Haven, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, CDC Concussion Awareness, and Safe Sport. These are found at “eTrainU/AYSOU” the online educational platform accessed through your Inleague account. Log in to InLeague using your OWN email and password (not a spouse’s), click the “graduation cap” icon in upper corner, click “Training Library” and click “Safe Haven Courses” and then take the four safety courses.

Important REFEREE Info — referee training/educational tools, “division guidelines,” playoffs, etc…

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact our Regional Referee Administrator at


  • LOTG–You don’t need to memorize it word for word, but when you can find the time please try to read through the 17 Laws. When you go for your upgrade to Intermediate/Advanced/National, however, you will want a VERY thorough understanding of the LOTG!



INTERMEDIATE REFEREE CONCEPTS and TOOLS for reffing (and passing the test):

DIVISION GUIDELINES — Age group-specific “divisions” have different “guidelines”:


EXTRA Referee Requirements and Info



Forms & Documents

Other Website Links

  • Guide To Procedures (2012)  The mechanics of refereeing (no longer updated but still useful) by the USSF
  •  Not an official AYSO site, but can be a very useful resource; good search engine for refereeing topics and questions
  • Ask A Soccer Referee  Not an official AYSO site, but also a very useful resource; good search engine for refereeing topics and questions