Referee Info & Resources

We have tried to compile some useful info from our region, as well links to other websites that provide valuable information for referees. Links change all the time, so let us know if you stumble across one that is out of date.  If you have any questions or suggestions of websites that you think other referees would appreciate, please contact our Assistant Regional Referee Administrator at

AYSO Rules & Guidelines page, for game-related documents including SM AYSO Division Guidelines, AYSO National Guidance for Referees, & FIFA Laws of the Game.

Important Information

Playoffs–Kicks From the Penalty Mark

5U-14U Guidelines Comparison Chart (2020)

9U/10U Build-Out Line Video

Referee Zero Tolerance Policy

10 Tips for Dealing with Coach Dissent

Ask, Tell, Dismiss

10 Tips for Dealing with Player Dissent

Forms & Documents

Website Links

  • 9U/10U Build-Out Line Video
  • International Football Association Board – Laws of the Game
  • Interpretation of the LOTG and Guidelines for Referees (2013-2014)  A Law by Law explanation of many of the important concepts found in the LOTG proper, but gives you a little more material to explain those concepts.  This was an addendum of sorts put out by FIFA when they were publishing the LOTG, and was discontinued several years ago, but this slightly outdated version still illuminates many of the concepts and gives many good examples of exactly what the Law means.
  • Advice To Referees (2013-2014)  Designed to explain more specific aspects of LOTG (and since discontinued) by USSF; a few items outdated but overall a very helpful tool
  • Guide To Procedures (2012)  The mechanics of refereeing (no longer updated but still useful) by the USSF
  •  Not an official AYSO site, but can be a very useful resource; good search engine for refereeing topics and questions
  • AYSO Referee Site  AYSO National Referee Resources & Forms
  • Ask A Soccer Referee  Not an official AYSO site, but also a very useful resource; good search engine for refereeing topics and questions