AYSO Glossary

AYSO ID – Volunteer ID number assigned by eAYSO.

AYSO United: Area Competitive Year Long program selected through tryouts. Follows AYSO philosophy.

AYSOU (University)- where you take web-based trainings-aysou.org

Certifications (Coaching and Referee) coursework for volunteers to ensure we teach appropriately using the same language

Coaches – Fine men and women dedicated to teaching our kids the fine game of soccer while exhibiting superior role model behavior.

Community Volunteer – Volunteers that do not have kids in the program.

Concussion Training-all coaches are required to take this on-line training (@45min). Suggested for all volunteer roles that interact with children.

Core Team/player:  participates in the Fall soccer season in SM

eAYSO – AYSO National’s registration program where all volunteers are required to register for background checks. eayso.org

Extra Team/player:  Competitive Year Long program that requires try out and selection to the team and travel to other regions and designated competitive tournaments.

inLeague – Region 20 web-based registration and information system inleague.ayso20.org

Practice Chaperones –every team (7U+) must have a practice chaperone (same gender as players) present at every practice.

Referees – Fine men and women that officiate our kids’ games while watching the Coaches (and Parents) exhibit superior role model behavior! Remember, without referees it’s just a practice.

Safe Haven – All volunteer roles that interact with children are required to take this on-line training (@45min). A background check is also performed. (Coaches, Referees, Team Managers, Chaperones).

Spring Select, All Star, & Tournament Teams:  Spring Soccer.  Requires selection and commitment to the Spring Tournament season with new competitive team made up from Core players. Players must have attended/played 9 of the 11 Core games to be eligible.

Team Managers –Fine men and women responsible for all of the administrative tasks of the team.

Turkey Tournament:  Thanksgiving tournament team through invitation to interested players that apply and attend workouts