Pass It On

Many of you have some cleats in your closet that no longer fit your rapidly growing soccer players, or maybe you are storing away some unwanted soccer gear. AYSO 20 will be offering PASS IT ON again this year so that we can find a good home for your gently used soccer items. If you have a stash of used gear, you can bring it to JAMS, CLOVER PARK or LINCOLN MIDDLE SCHOOL SOCCER FIELDS on Saturday, September 7, between 9 am – 3 pm. Stop by before or after your child’s soccer game and drop it in the PASS IT ON collection box. Look for the blue and yellow balloons!
PASS IT ON is our region’s uniform/equipment recycling and donation program.  Primarily, PASS IT ON will provide an opportunity for all AYSO 20 families to donate their gently used soccer uniforms, cleats, and equipment, and put them to good use.  In addition, Region 20 families who are in need of these items will be given a chance to take from the donations that are in the collection boxes.  We believe this is a great way to affirm our commitment to preserving the environment while at the same time, assisting soccer players whose families might not have the means to purchase new items.  
-Cleats (wiped off, tied together)  
-Balls (flattened)
-Uniforms (washed)
How PASS IT ON works:
  • Donation boxes will be available for any family to “shop.”  In other words, they can browse the boxes for items they might need and can take what they want (within reason).
  • Remaining donations will be sorted and “passed on” to other communities who are in need (last year we donated items to: LA Scores – an after school program in the Palms area, Watts AYSO, and service trips to Haiti, Guatemala and Nepal.
Your help will be the key to making this initiative a huge success. If you have questions or would like to volunteer your time to help build this important initiative, please contact Ava Stoughton at   With your support, PASS IT ON will greatly benefit the environment and our community.  Together we can make a difference!



“Thank you all so very much for your donations of soccer balls (and jerseys) to the kids of Haiti. We stayed at an elementary school in a classroom. After school, I would bring out the balls, and somehow, every teenage boy in the village would find out and come streaming through the gate to the courtyard to play soccer. They self-organized quickly in small games where winner stays on. I played with them a bit and also invited girls into the game. Even the Haitian workers who had done hard physical labor with us all day would come back to play – our interpreters and the cook too! We left some balls with the school, the church, and the local kids. We also left some in Port-au-Prince for other towns. It truly was a blessing and makes such a difference in the life of the village.”
Sherry Hoffman, former AYSO coach/parent and volunteer in Haiti

“Thank you so much for the incredible effort that your AYSO region has made to enhance the experience of the kids in our program. It was such a special day for so many deserving kids, and you made that a reality. I spent some time over the weekend reflecting on watching the kids selecting a pair of cleats and then running onto the field with pride. Their joy was visible, and the impact was palpable and immediate. The impact of those efforts will be felt for a long time to come, and as someone who has poured every ounce I have into this organization, I am very grateful.
Executive Director of America Scores LA, an after-school soccer/writing program for under-served kids in the Palms area

Pictured: 12U girls EXTRA team delivering donation-filled suitcases to Equmenia, an organization that builds schools in Congo.

Please contact with any questions or to volunteer.