Referees–Spring Season

Spring season 2018,  alas, has come to a close.   However, if you have any questions or concerns about anything “Refereeing” in Region 20, hopefully you can find the answers here.  At the “Region 20 Referee Corner” you can find a link to the latest edition of the IFAB’s Laws Of The Game (2017/18),  we will offer helpful “summaries” of each of the 17 Laws, and you will find many other useful resources about the fine art of refereeing. We will provide useful links including Upcoming Referee Courses and the steps necessary to become a referee volunteer in Region 20.  If you are still having questions about the Region 20 Referee program, do not hesitate to reach out to me at:


The Spring season is different from the Fall Core season. There is no “self-scheduling” in the Region 20 inLeague website (which gives Gray and Richard a little breather).  The Spring teams that are formed will sign up for different tournaments and “Leagues,” such as Kenneth Hahn League and Palos Verdes League. In order to participate in these tournaments and leagues, each Spring Team will need to field their own “referee team” that must work the different tournaments as well as “earn points” in the League that they participate in. As in the Fall season, each team is responsible for recruiting volunteer parent referees, and these referees will (hopefully) split the workload that will include multiple tournaments and League play. Once again, the more volunteer parent participation you can pull together (Coaches and Team Managers), the more referees you can “groom” to help share the workload over the next 6 months.

Depending on what “League” you participate in, there will probably be different “self-scheduling” rules and guidelines for Referees for that particular League, as games will probably be held every weekend, and these leagues will need referees just like Region 20 needed them every weekend in the Fall!!!

For Referees Not Tied to a Spring Team:  I am reaching out to the schedulers for the spring leagues to see if they would be willing to accept referees from our region that weren’t tied to a participating Spring Team, but still wanted to “get some games in” to keep their skills up (or acquire new ones) during the big gap between Fall seasons. I will keep you informed on how that goes; I should hear back from them soon.

Team Managers, it will be up to you (and the Head Coach/Assistant Coach) to sign up for tournaments in a timely fashion which will include submitting an application for the team to each event as well as submitting a “referee team” for each tournament. Before you can submit these applications, they will need to be ultimately ok’d by the Region Commissioner and the “referee team” will need to be approved by the Regional Referee Administrator.

Build Out Line

There are some big changes in Youth Soccer with regard to the ‘Player Development Initiative’, including the ‘Build Out Line’ (BOL).  Please take a look at this video from the Area that describes the BOL and the new rules on Goalkeeper punts in U12 and below.

Thank you everyone for all your support and patience. We hope you have (or had) a great Spring!

Play On!