Applying for Tournaments

  1. Find the Tournament you want to participate in and download their application. See the list posted on the Spring Select Documents or here:  Spring/Summer Tournament Listing.
  2. Submit a Tournament Check Request: Log into inLeague (only available to team staff-coaches and managers).  Under the Coach tab within inLeague, select “Team Rosters & Admin”.  If there are multiple teams listed, select the team for which you are requesting a check.  Select the radio button next to “Tournament Check Request – Tournament Fees & Referee Deposits” and click on “Display Selected Page” at the bottom.  Complete the request form.  IMPORTANT:  in the comments, please specify the REFEREE DEPOSIT amount and for how many tournaments (including this one) checks have been requested (i.e., “this is our 3rd tournament”).  NOTE:  Checks will not be mailed to the tournaments, they will be returned to you for mailing.
  3. E-mail your tournament application, and any other requested documents to the Assistant Regional Commissioner for Spring at We will provide you with an eayso roster, unless the tournament requires their own custom roster. If so please e-mail the custom roster as well. ONLY IF UNABLE TO E-MAIL, contact the ARC for Spring to make alternate arrangements to deliver application packet. (NOTE: E-MAILING APPLICATION IS PREFERRED). 
  4. Wait to be contacted by ARC for Spring or RC.  Please allow up to 10 days for your check request to be processed.  If after 5 days, you have not heard from anyone, please contact the ARC for Spring. We will notify you when to pick up approved application, roster & region check.  If a Referee Form is requested as part of Tournament Application packet, time permitting, we will try to include that approved form for you as well in one packet. 

On all applications make sure the official address for contact or refunds is our region’s address:

SM AYSO Region 20 – INSERT YOUR Division/Coach Name Here (u10b/Smith)
PO Box 91
Santa Monica, CA 90406-0091
Tel: 310-451-6711

NOTE: If the check request is for your 4th tournament, we will need a collateral check in the total amount from your team that will be held until the ref deposits from your first 3 tournaments are returned. Remember that the spring fee covers 3 tournaments with an additional tournament free if the team supplies ref teams that fulfill their assignments. (Make sure referees keep proof until ref refund is received).

If the check request is for additional tournaments above the maximum number the team is allowed for free, players will register online for additional fees for each tournament ($60 per player). A collateral check for the full tournament amount may be required and will be held until all players are registered.