Spring 2022 Training Squad season – safety guidelines and general information

Our priority for this season is Safety for our Community, while at the same time providing an active and engaging soccer experience for the kids.  We are a 100% volunteer community organization, and we need every volunteer’s, player’s, and parent’s cooperation in following these Guidelines to minimize the risk of spreading the Novel Coronavirus / COVID-19 (“COVID”). For further information related to county guidelines guidelines http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/Coronavirus/docs/protocols/Reopening_YouthSportsLeagues.pdf


Special training curriculum with social distancing.  Players are assigned to Training Squads to participate in 8 weeks of player development sessions.  There will be no games, scrimmages, or contact training this season, per government restrictions on “contact sports”.  We have replaced those activities with a custom training curriculum, designed by professional coaches with COVID-safety precautions in mind (including 6 feet of social distance), which will include technical soccer skills, agility, and other fun activities that will keep kids engaged and active.  Our volunteer coaches received special training in the fall season on the custom training curriculum.

COVID Screenings.  Before each training session, all players and volunteers will check in with the designated Squad volunteers (Coach, TM or Chaperone, as determined by the Coach) to verify that they are not experiencing any COVID symptoms — including fever (defined as a temperature of 100.4 or higher), cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and fever or chills — and to verify that they have not been in contact in the last 14 days with anyone known/suspected to be infected with COVID.  This check-in may be done in person or in advance by electronic means, as determined by your Coach.  There is also signage posted at all practice fields regarding COVID safety, and you must read these signs and ensure you are in compliance before entering the field.  Do not attend training if there is any risk that your player or anyone in your household may have or have been exposed to COVID – please error on the side of caution for the safety of our AYSO soccer family!

Who can and should be on the field?  For younger divisions (5U-8U), each registered player will need to have one registered adult volunteer participating in the training session to ensure their child follows safety guidelines.  No drop offs.

For older divisions (10U and older), only players, coaches, and TM or Chaperone will be allowed on the field.  Parents are not allowed on the field and must not congregate by or near the fields.

Masks.  Face masks covering nose and mouth must be worn at all times by all players, volunteers, and parents.  Masks should be put on before exiting your car.

Documented attendance.  Attendance at training sessions will be documented, in the event that any contact tracing is required.

Other precautions.  No sharing of water bottles.  Only coaches should touch equipment, such as cones or balls, with their hands.  Hand sanitizer should be used before and after practices.  There may be additional entrance or exit protocols at your field, and if so, your Coach or TM will let you know.

Please note that some of these guidelines may change as we get into the season and/or as health & safety guidelines evolve.  We are counting on each other, as a community, to keep everyone safe.  If you have any concerns about safety that affect you or your player, please tell your Coach, Division Commissioner, or any member of the volunteer executive board right away so the situation can be addressed.  Please also be aware that we can lose our field permits if these safety guidelines are not followed, which would cut short the season.  Let’s all work together to give these kids the joy of soccer, in a safe way, during these challenging times.


Training sessions will be one hour in length, with extra time before and after practices for coaches to set up and break down equipment.  For older divisions, there will be one training session per week this Spring.  Practice locations for all Training Squads are posted on www.ayso20.org under the Spring 2021 tab.


All players will receive an Adidas training uniform and should wear it to every training session.  All players should wear shin-guards; although they are less necessary this year because our practice plans are designed to keep players 6 feet apart, we want kids in the habit of wearing shin guards to soccer.