Spring Program Player Confirmation

This program is for continuing players selected to All Star, Spring Extra, and Spring Select teams only. 

 Information you will need to gather prior to registering:

  • Email address you used to register in the Region 20 registration system (inLeague) for the Fall program.   
  • Any changed information since Fall regarding you/your spouse’s contact info, Medical Insurance Carrier, Doctor’s Contact Info, or Non-Parent Emergency Contact Info in case the parents are not reachable
  • Credit Card Number & Expiration Date  (VISA, Mastercard & DiscoverCard only)  
    If you have questions about other payment methods, please contact the Registrar.  

How To Register:

  • Once at the inLeague login screen, enter email address and password to login.
  • Select “Family Profile”, which is located under the tab “My Account” of on the left side of the screen.
  • Select the “Post-Season Assignments” tab near the top of the new screen.
  • For each child participating on a tournament team, there will be a link entitled “Tournament Payment: Gxx-yy-Coach Name” (xx = age division, yy=team number). Select this link for each child (one at a time). That will take you to the payment screen where you can enter the payment information for each child (again – one at a time). For payment information refer to the top of the payment screen for the amount to be paid.
  • For those that did not play in the Turkey tournament (Spring uniforms are the same), you will need to purchase a uniform using the “Event Manager” link here on the InLeague site:  PAY FOR UNIFORM HERE
  • Repeat for each child.

Log in to InLeague

Things to do after registering:

  • Look for a confirmation email showing proof of payment.  Players are not considered registered until this is received.
  • Print your Medical Release Form   More info
  • Purchase Optional Spring Select Spirit Wear  More info
  • Notify Your Team Manager of Your Volunteer Commitment   More info
  • Have fun!

If you have any questions regarding the Spring Program, please contact your team manager, or the Assistant Regional Commissioner for Spring.