Thank you, Referees!

The Region would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Parent Volunteers who took on the challenge to become Regional Referees this past Fall season. Dozens of you went through the process of becoming registered to volunteer within the National AYSO system (eAYSO), took the SafeHaven and CDC Concussion courses, and signed up for games week in and week out. The volunteer referee role is one of the most important jobs in the region, and without you Region 20 AYSO soccer simply couldn’t be what is is today!
Without all of your help, sacrifice, and commitment to the Region we wouldn’t be able to have these games for our children. Fourteen weeks of parent volunteers and community volunteers showing up, keeping the games fair, safe, and fun for the kids of Region 20!   Outstanding!!!
Region 20 would also like to thank and congratulate the hard work and efforts of those of you that rose to the challenge and upgraded your Referee Certification from Regional Referee to Intermediate Referee, and Advanced to National. As our players move up in age divisions, the quality and experience levels of the referees also needs to rise with them. Below is a list of newly minted referees in their new certification level:

Intermediate Referee Certification

Deep Bhattacharya
John Tuttle
Richard Gross
Joe Nuccio
Ken Vudmaska
Christian Bordal
Kostas Psounis
Jordan Posell
Brian Falk
Peter Huddle

National Referee Certification

Mark Andrews
Thank you all for everything you do.
Gray O’Brien, ARRA