Monday night Open Training


MOT brings a combination of professional soccer trainers’ sponsor by Coerver helping to train our children in the fundamentals of soccer while they build community with players across teams. This program is OPEN TO REGISTERED REGION 20 BOYS & GIRLS with a 2018 (5U) to 2007 (16U) birth year. The program extends for 8 weeks during the core season and is included in your registration……in other words…it is FREE! We will be organizing the players into smaller 8-week training pods/communities, so space is limited. You can register to secure your spot using the link below. Once you’ve entered your inLeague credentials, the link should direct you to the event that has been setup for registration. Select “Monday Night Opening Training (MOT),” click on the player(s) name and let us know if she/he are attending. ITS THAT EASY! If the link does not direct you to the registration event, simply login to your inLeague registration account, select the “Events” tab and follow the instructions above. Walk-ons are welcome but we encourage everyone to register ahead of time to help us organize the training pods and number of training coaches. (You only need to register once). This year there will be a free giveaway for the first 150 players of the 5:45-6:45 session and 100 players of the 7:00-8:30 session that attend the 9/26/22 event. Supplies are limited and will be distributed at check-in, so plan accordingly. (Only one giveaway item per player. An online registration does not guarantee a giveaway item).


WHO? All registered Region 20 players born 2018-2007

WHAT?  Free training by guest professional coaches

WHEN? STARTS THIS MONDAY NIGHT 09/26/22 – See the time schedule below based on age groups


TIME:  PLEASE NOTE: You may come and leave at any time during your assigned time slot.

Registration 5:15-5:45
5:45PM to 6:45PM – 5U (2018), 6U (2017), 7U (2016), 8U (2015), 9U (2014), 10U (2013) girls and boys

Registration 6:30-7:00
7:00PM to 8:30PM – 11U/12U (2012)/(2011) girls and boys (including ISPE students)

7:00PM to 8:30PM – 13U/14U (2010)/(2009) girls and boys (including ISPE students)

7:00PM to 8:30PM – 16U (2008) (2007) girls and boys (including ISPE students)

Here is what you need to bring:

  1. A soccer ball for your child, marked with his or her name on it in permanent ink.
  2. Water for your child. (Water ONLY is enforced at JAMS)
  3. Shin guards for your child

COACHES – We highly recommend that all coaches attend the trainings to observe.  This is your chance to observe another trainer working with your players’ age group.

PARENTS – We kindly request that you wait for your child off the field.  If you will be dropping your child off, please be on time to pick them up. 

If your child is interested in becoming a better player AND would like the opportunity to make new friends, we hope you will consider adjusting your busy schedules to allow them to attend.




Spring and Turkey evaluations are Sunday November 6


Spring Select and All Star coaches will select the strongest players from the region who really want to play soccer and will make a commitment to the team for the duration of the spring season.  Spring Select and All Star teams will work together and play tournaments from January or February until May or June. Selected players from divisions U10 and above, who have met our attendance standards for the Fall Season and intend to continue with us for the following Fall, are eligible to participate.
(Upper Division Spring teams must wait until the end of the high school season to begin their spring tournaments).  We encourage as many teams as there are qualified coaches and committed players.


The Turkey Tournament take place over Thanksgiving weekend. 10U players and above are eligible to participate. All teams have games on Friday and Saturday; some also have games on Sunday. 

Turkey Tournament players will be selected at the end of October and the teams will be announced in the first week of November. Turkey team coaches will select players from the Fall Skills/Scrimmage (APO) program. The children of our most active volunteers will be given special consideration. Participation in the APO Program is not a free pass to a Turkey, All Star or Spring team. Likewise, players who have not participated in APO Program are still eligible to play in the tournaments.  Selection Criteria.

Turkey Team Practices:
Practices will run through the month of November until Thanksgiving weekend. There will usually be one practice on a weeknight and a scrimmage or practice on Sunday. But this will depend on the coach’s availability. Regular season team practices and games take precedence. Players are not allowed to skip regular season games or practices in favor of their Turkey team.

  • Requirements For Turkey Team Participation:
    Only U10 & above players who are registered and paid up for the current Fall season are eligible.
  • Players (and Parents) must be available Friday-Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Players must be in good standing for Fall Season attendance
  • Players/Parents must complete the Turkey/Spring Interest form by the deadline below.
  • Extra practices will be necessary for all Turkey teams (up to 2 per week)
  • Turkey Registration Fees must be paid in advance of first practice.

Signed Player Registration Form/Medical Release must be brought to team manager/coach at first practice.

If your child would like to play on a Turkey and/or Spring Select team, please complete the Interest Form on the Turkey Tournament Program page under the Fall 2012 tab.  (coming soon)

For additional information on the Spring Select Tournament and All-Star Teams, please refer to the Spring Select Program page.

Note: Participation on a Turkey Tournament Team does not guarantee selection for either All Star or Spring Select Tournament Teams


FALL 2022–Region 20 Needs Referee/Assistant Referee Volunteers!!!

FALL 2022 REFEREE COURSES ARE SCHEDULED: 8/13, 8/20, 8/27, 9/3, 9/10, 9/18, 9/20, 9/25

The Fall 2022 season starts soon. Opening Weekend Games are September 17th, and we will be needing VOLUNTEER PARENT REFEREES to officiate these matches. Who wouldn’t want to proudly sport a uniform like the one modeled by our trusty volunteers above?!

NOTE: The youngest age groups–5U/6U/7Uneed parents that have taken a short online training session (by Zoom). If you have a child in these younger divisions, please contact me and I will get you dialed in on becoming a volunteer ‘referee’ at these ages   You won’t get the official ‘fancy’ uniform shown above, but you WILL get a tres chic yellow referee t-shirt, a black hat (looks cool and protects you from sun), and a ‘pealess’ whistle to keep your charges under control!

NOTE: For older divisions–8U and aboveteams need parents who have spent a little more time “training” to be a “certified” volunteer match official. If you are already a referee, see #1 below. If you are NEW to the Region, and/or NOT a trained referee/assistant referee yet, go to #2. 

1. Returning certified match officials:  you will need to re-register to be a volunteer for the MY2022 season (we need to re-register every year).  You will also need to do the yearly “Background Check” with Sterling Volunteers.  Go to your inLeague account and re-register (as a volunteer) for MY2022.  Note: We have a newly updated version of “InLeague” so it will look a little different than the past years. Click the “Volunteer Registration” button and complete the process. Make sure you choose “Referee” as your volunteer preference (even if you just plan on becoming an Assistant Referee). Initiate the Background Check, and then be on the lookout for an email from them–it will need to be confirmed/responded to.

New requirement as of 2019: make sure you have taken the required Simon’s Heart “Sudden Cardiac Arrest” course (if you haven’t already) which is found at “eTrainU”  (our new educational platform). You access the eTrainU platform by logging in to InLeague (using your own email and password), and then click the graduation cap‘ icon in the upper right-hand corner. This will bring you to a new page that lets you “Log into eTrainU.”  You will be brought to a ‘home page’ that has a column of tabs on the left-hand side. (BTW, you should see YOUR name on this page.)  On the left-hand column of tabs, click “Training Library” and then the Safe Haven View Courses button. The Sudden Cardiac Arrest course can be found here (as well as the SafeHaven and CDC Concussion course).

New requirement as of 2022: all referees need to take the “SafeSport” class, which is a state mandated requirement.  The link to SafeSport is found by clicking the ‘graduation cap’ icon, which brings you to a page that has the link to “SafeSport” at the bottom of the page. Make sure you are using your full legal name (no nicknames, abbreviated names, etc.) when signing up for this.

2. NEW to the Region, and/or NOT a certified referee yet, you will need to take the referee training, but first you’ll need to register as a VOLUNTEER in your inLeague account.  Log in to InLeague (using your own name and password, not that of a spouse) and click the “Volunteer Registration” button. Follow the instructions and be sure to use your full legal name (no nicknames or abbreviations). Make sure you choose “Referee” as your volunteer preference (even if you just plan on becoming an Assistant Referee). There will also be a “Background Check” (since our volunteers are working closely with young athletes) by the folks at Sterling Volunteers, please initiate that as well and then be on the lookout for an email from them that needs a confirmation/response.  If you have questions about this process please reach out to me at 

Referee Training: Once you are registered as a volunteer in InLeague, there are two options in becoming a referee: taking a “full-day” in-person course (8 hrs) OR a “combo” of online training and in-person training.  This “combo” option involves a required 90′ online training, followed by a 3-4 hour in-person training session. Most folks choose the “combo” because it feels easier to manage (doing some on your own time and the rest in the shorter in-class session). The “full-day” course is also great, but takes a full day. You choose what works best for your schedule.

REFEREE Training–The “combo” course opportunities are conveniently located in Santa Monica at the Colorado Center (2500 Broadway).  [You must complete online modules and quiz before attending the in-person session.] There is plenty of street parking (meters) or subterranean parking that we can validate for you!

You only need to take one classroom session (but feel free to attend as many as you wish if you want to get more comfortable with the material). These are the course dates:
August 13, 20, 27 (Saturdays from 8am-12pm)

September 3, 10 (Saturdays from 8am-12pm)

September 18, 25 (Sundays, from 1pm-5pm)

September 20 (Tuesday night from 6pm-10pm)

Option 1: “The Combo”.  You will need to complete the online referee training before attending the in-person referee course.  You can start on the online material right now if you wish, but you may want to wait till you get closer to one of the classroom sessions so the material is fresh in your mind (you are also free to go back and retake the online modules as many times as you wish)!  To access the online course material, log on to your InLeague website at  using your own email and passwordnot a spouse’s, then click the “graduation cap” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. This will bring you to a page that lets you “Log into eTrainU.” Click that button and you will be brought to eTrainU. 

You will be brought to an eTrainU home page that has a column of tabs on the left-hand side. (BTW, you should see YOUR name on the upper left corner of this page.)  On the left-hand column of tabs, click “Training Event”  icon. This will bring you to a ‘calendar’ page.  In the ‘Regions’ box enter “Region 20.”  In the ‘Courses’ box enter “Regional Referee Online + In-Person Companion Course (2-part bundle).”  Then scroll through the months/dates until you get to a date that works for you (they start in mid-August). When you find one that works for you, click “enroll.” (If you make a mistake, or change your mind, and wish to take the class on another date you will need to unenroll from the class you signed up for.)

There are 9 online modules plus a “final exam” that need to be successfully completed before attending the in-person classroom session. The online part should take you about 60-90 minutes. Then all you need to do is attend the in-person class and there we will outfit you with the (free) match official ‘uniform’ including: socks, shorts, jersey, ref wallet, flags, whistle and a hat (like the folks modeling the spiffy uniform on the picture above)!

Option 2: “The Full-Day Course”  You will need to sign up for and take the “Regional Referee – Full In-Person Course. There are no online pre-req’s for this. This is accessed and signed up for just like the above course, but enroll in the “Regional Referee – Full In-person Course.”

***All Volunteers–Take online “Safety” classes–there are a few “safety classes” that need to be completed before you can help on the field.   To access the online “safety” course material, first log on to your InLeague website (using your own email and password–not a spouse’s), then click the “graduation cap” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. This will bring you to a page that lets you “Log into eTrainU.”

You will be brought to eTrainU. Then you will be brought to a home page that has a column of tabs on the left-hand side. (You should see YOUR name on this page.) On the left column of tabs, click “Training Library” and then “Safe Haven Courses.” Here you will find the three (3) required safety courses (Safe Haven-Online, CDC Concussion Awareness-Online, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest-Online). Complete these before opening weekend.

***All Volunteers–Take online “SafeSport” classlog in to InLeague. Click on ‘graduation cap icon’  At the bottom of the next page will be info about SafeSport and a link to get you there.

If you are interested or have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to:

See you on the pitch!


Donate to Santa Monica AYSO


Because we believe ALL kids should have the opportunity to play soccer, Santa Monica AYSO provides financial aid to needy families who cannot afford the player registration fees.  We cannot do this without YOUR help. Your donation is tax-deductible.
Santa Monica AYSO is a not-for-profit organization, run 100% by volunteers.  Our active volunteer base allows us to keep our registration fees low and accessible to most families, but we still have hundreds of families in our community who struggle to afford the registration fees.  Our only source of funds for financial aid is generous donations from our community.  Every $150 you donate will allow a needy child to play soccer.

Thank you for your generosity!