AYSO National Volunteer Registration/Certification

Volunteers are the lifeblood of AYSO. To ensure the safety of both children and volunteers, each volunteer is required to take a short online training session called Safe Haven™. The Safe Haven course focuses on safety and appropriate behavior with children as well as first aid and other on-field issues. AYSO volunteers agree to an annual background check.

Becoming Safe Haven™ certified may take a few minutes of your time, but AYSO families know their children’s safety is worth it. Safe Haven™ is both a child and volunteer protection program. It was the first of its kind in youth sports. *More info about the Safe Haven program at the bottom of this page

For that reason, we require all Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Referees, Team Managers & Practice Chaperones to take Safe Haven training and recommend it to everyone else in our region. We should all be cognizant of procedures that will help ensure the safety of our children.

Coaches, Assistant Coaches & Referees will also have additional coach or referee training clinics offered by our region. Those clinics are designed to be quick, easy, and fun to take – even for those with no prior soccer experience at all. Everyone is welcome to attend those clinics, even if you don’t intend to coach or referee this season. See the coach or referee pages of this website for more information. (links below)


1. Go to www.eayso.org (the AYSO National website) and register as a volunteer.

The eAYSO pre-registration form for volunteers is required by child protection policies implemented by AYSO and many other youth sports organizations. All adult volunteers are required to register annually (this means EVERY YEAR) with AYSO National (eAYSO.org).

New volunteers to our region should click on the First Time button and follow the instructions on the subsequent pages to become an AYSO VOLUNTEER. When asked, you are in AYSO Section 1, Area P, Region 20.

Returning volunteers need to do this each year, as well. Click on Log In, and use the e-mail address you originally signed in with.

NOTE: DO NOT GO TO THE AYSO PARENT SECTION OR USE eAYSO TO REGISTER A PLAYER. (We have our own player registration program, separate from eAYSO).

When you have completed the online Volunteer application, print a copy & sign it.

As the season approaches, you will be asked to submit your form and show photo identification. Coaches & referees should submit their form to their Team Manager, who in turn will submit the team’s forms to their Division Commissioner. Community volunteer referees (those without team affiliation) should submit their form to the RRA (Head Ref). Volunteers are NOT covered under AYSO insurance without this form on file with the region.

2. Obtain/Activate your AYSO ID Number for this season.

All volunteers are assigned one AYSO ID number for their career with AYSO. Even if you already have an AYSO ID number, you will need to go through both steps 1&2 to activate it for this season.

Contact our regional Adult Volunteer Registrar, who will then activate your AYSO ID number for this season. Select the link to send an e-mail to: SafeHaven@ayso20.org Please include the following information in your email:

  • your full name
    the email address you used to register
    your ayso ID number (top right corner of your volunteer form from step 1)
    your volunteer role this year (coach, referee, team manager, practice chaperone, etc.)


Take the brief online Safe Haven course (approximately 35-45 minutes).

All AYSO volunteers need only complete the Safe Haven course once in their AYSO career. You will need your AYSO ID number (see steps 1 & 2 above under “Volunteer Registration”) to access the course at http://aysotraining.org. Click “Courses” and then find the course for Safe Haven. This course applies to ALL volunteers.

Once you’ve completed the course, print your certificate. Coaches & referees should show their certificate at their in-person training clinic. You will not be allowed to participate in a coach or referee clinic without proof that you have completed Safe Haven. Everyone should keep their certificate on file, in case it is ever requested in the future.




*ABOUT SAFE HAVEN: The child protection aspect is intended to prevent child abuse, promote education and awareness, enforce policies and screen and train volunteers. It includes proactive steps that promote a positive, healthy environment for children.

Volunteer protection comes into play as a result of volunteer training, certification and continuing education. The Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 provides certain legal protections for volunteers who have been trained and certified and act in accordance with a written job description. Safe Haven includes these three elements, giving volunteers the highest degree of protection available under the law.

Learn More About Safe Haven