Can I play in the AYSO and on my high school team?

Yes, but you cannot be playing for AYSO or a club team at the same time that you are playing for a high school team. Therefore, the AYSO season is carefully set up so that the Upper Divisions (U16 & U19) are finished in mid-November before the winter high school soccer season starts. Due to the shorter season, Upper Division teams play two games a weekend.

If you are a young freshman who is playing in U14 and intend to try out for your high school team, you will be asked to play up in the U16 Division to avoid any overlap of seasons.

What is Proof of Age?

Proof of Age would be a birth certificate, passport, immunization card, or other government issued document.

Proof of Age must be submitted to complete registration for any player who is under 8 years old.

Email a copy to: with your child’s name in the subject line. If you have multiple players, please send each player’s Proof of Age as a separate email.

(Note: Beginning in 2012, all NEW players to our region, regardless of age, will be asked to submit Proof of Age.)

What is the refund policy?

Fall 2021 Refund dates:

Before September 1: 80% of registration fee will be refunded if player withdraws and completes Refund Request Form by Sept 1.

September 2nd – 25th: 50% of registration fee will be refunded if player withdraws and completes Refund Request Form between Sept 2-25.

No refunds after September 25.

Fees paid by credit card, will be credited to the credit card account originally charged.

If the Fall 2021 season must be canceled before it starts due to new government health and safety restrictions related to COVID-19, full refunds will be provided. If the season must be canceled or severely curtailed after the season starts, AYSO Region 20 will update this refund policy to take into account those circumstances.


What does it mean to be placed on a waiting list?

Anyone who has either registered late (after June 30th) or registered in a division that has already exceeded our anticipated number of players will be placed on the waiting list. Please know that we do our best to place all interested players onto teams.

There are only 3 reasons why a player does not get placed: not enough players on the waitlist to form additional teams, not enough coaches to coach additional teams, or not enough referees to officiate the games. Therefore, to increase the likelihood of being placed on a team, parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer to coach or to referee. If you are willing to do either of those, please contact your division commissioner (see “Board and Staff Contacts”) and identify yourself as a waitlist player willing to coach and/or referee.

If there are not enough players on the waiting list to add an additional team, waiting list players are assigned to teams after all registered players are confirmed. Openings for waiting list players should be known by early September. If we are unable to place your player on a team, we will refund your payment in full.

What is the AYSO player registration form and how do I print it?

The AYSO Player Registration Form is an official document that contains your emergency contact information and serves as a medical release form.

Please provide your Team Manager with an original signed copy at the beginning of the season. Some divisions request multiple copies, originally signed, to ensure that someone in attendance at your team events always has a copy in case of emergency. Check with your Team Manager to find out how many copies they would like.

If you participate in additional play programs, such as Scrimmage Programs or Turkey Tournament teams, you will need to provide a Registration form then as well.

Detailed instructions to print your Player Registration/Medical Release form

Is there financial assistance for families in need?



Who is Eligible for Financial Aid?

You are eligible for partial financial aid from Santa Monica AYSO if you are also receiving government assistance from:

  • City of Santa Monica Community & Cultural Services (e.g., CREST)
  • Free or reduced lunch program or
  • Section 8 housing

If there are funds remaining, some financial aid may be granted to players who do not qualify under the above criteria, but who still demonstrate a genuine financial need.  Priority for this discretionary aid will be given to families who contribute to the Region as active volunteers.


  1. Parents/guardians must fully complete the web-based Financial Aid Application Incomplete applications will be denied.  Note: The information you provide will be treated with discretion and reviewed only as necessary to consider your application.
  2. Applications will be reviewed and financial aid will be awarded based on need, until funds set aside for financial aid have been depleted.  All other factors being equal, priority will be given to active volunteers.
  3. Submit your financial aid application as soon as possible and at least 3 weeks before you plan to pay your player’s fees to allow enough time for your application to be considered.  Late applications may not be accepted, and also may cause you to miss out on discounts that may be generally available for early registration.
  4. You will be notified by email after your financial aid application has been considered.  Any financial aid you have been granted will be entered in the InLeague system. Then you should promptly return to InLeague to pay your portion of the registration fee.

Complete the Financial Aid Application

How do I pay?

You must pay by VISA or Mastercard when you register online. If you have questions about other payment methods, please contact the Registrar at

Who is eligible?

Players between the ages of 4 and 18 are eligible to play regardless of where they live.  December 31 of the following year is the determining date.  See SMAYSO age chart.

For children under age 4 we recommend the City of Santa Monica sponsored program “Socceropolis”.   Click on the link for the Recscape program guide.