How do I volunteer?

Region 20 is run for our kids by parents and other dedicated volunteers like you. Unlike other youth sport organizations, AYSO has no paid staff on the local (regional) level. All Board Members, Coaches, Referees and support staff contribute their time without monetary compensation. And our registration fees reflect that. Because of this regulation, we must limit the number of players and playing opportunities to match the number of volunteers. Quite literally, it requires one volunteer at each level for every child in the program. Parents who try to enroll their children without a volunteer commitment constitute a burden on other parents and may jeopardize the program. There is always work to be done.

We offer free training and clinics for all aspects of volunteer help. Among the many ways to get involved are:

* Coach / Assistant Coach

* Team Manager

* Referee

* Youth Referee

* Division Administrative position (help from home!)

* Regional Board position (the big picture volunteer)

* Practice Chaperone

* Field Maintenance & Equipment

Let us know how you want to help by simply contacting us at


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