We need volunteer Referees!

Without quality, trained referees, our children cannot play this game they love so much, and what better vantage point to watch a game from than center field! For such a small investment of your time, you can become a great referee, even with no prior soccer knowledge at all! You will be getting great exercise, feel great, and be helping your children and their peers to have a great soccer experience to boot!

First Step: Register as a volunteer with AYSO

If you are interested in volunteering as a referee, you must first be registered as a volunteer with AYSO. To do this you need to go to inLeague and register (or re-register) as a volunteer.  Go to “Player and Volunteer Registration,” and then “User Accounts and Volunteer Registration,” and get your MY2019 up to date! Once this is done a background check will be performed by “Sterling Volunteers.”

Second Step: Sign up for a referee course !!!

“FOR WOMEN ONLY”–We will be having a Regional Referee course for women only (that means YOU, mothers and daughters (12+y/o) of Region 20 !)— taught by the best (female) instructors in Area 1/P!  The class will be held in Beverly Hills, August 18th, from 9:15-4:30 (lunch will be served).   Come out and meet other female referees, share their stories and knowledge, and become certified to referee our kids!   To register and for more information go to

“Regional Referee Course” or “Reg Ref On-Line Companion Course” (the two (2) “basic” referee course options) in Santa Monica are listed at AYSOU;  you can find a  list of local offerings on the “Upcoming Referee Training Schedule”  link.

  • “Regional Referee Course”–a full day course(two opportinities so far)
    • Aug 24th, 9am-3pm, at Reed Park Auditorium, Santa Monica (7th and Wilshire). Lunch will be served
    • Aug 31, 9am-3pm, Reed Park Auditorium (just added!)
  • “Regional Referee On-Line Companion Course”–A shorter in-class session, but requires mandatory completion of an on-line referee course as a “prerequisite.”
    • September 4th, 6pm-10pm, at Marine Park Auditorium.

To Upgrade: For current referees that want to upgrade to the Intermediate or Advanced certification Area 1/P will be holding classes in Beverly Hills over the weekend of August 24-25.  They are also listed at the above link.

To sign up for either of the classes you will need to go to  In the meantime, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to become a volunteer referee.