Registration for Spring 2021 opens on January 1st, 2021

As you may expect, our region will follow all Covid-19 guidelines set forth by Los Angeles County and we are working hard to provide your players with the best soccer experience possible. The Spring 2021 season will begin as soon as permitted by Santa Monica City and Los Angeles County.  We will keep you informed about these guidelines as we get closer to the season.  

Our season may be a little different this year, but our goals for player development and community connection are the same.

Refund Policy

  1. If the season is canceled due to factors outside our control, registration fees will be refunded on a prorated basis depending on when the season was terminated. Should the season be canceled before it starting, registration fees will be refunded at 100%
  2. If you withdraw your child from soccer for any other reason BY 1/24/21, you will receive a 90% refund of what you paid.
  3. If you withdraw your child from soccer for any other reason anytime between 1/24/21 – 2/14/21, you will receive a 50% refund of what you paid.
  4. No refunds can be requested after 2/14/21

Financial assistance is available

IMPORTANT NOTE: Financial aid decisions are being handled differently as of January 1, 2019.  Everyone must re-apply for financial aid, even if you have received financial aid in the past.



Silent Saturday: Saturday, October 7th

Saturday, October 7th is Silent Saturday.  This is the game day that the only sounds allowed on the field will be clapping for your team while they play.  Its main purpose is to just let the kids play and have fun without having to worry about how their performance is affecting the
adults on the sidelines.

The objectives of holding a “Silent Saturday” are:
• To reemphasize that the game is about letting the kids play and have fun.
• To give the players a chance to play totally on their own.
• To eliminate the verbal questioning of the referees’ decisions.
• To help the few parents and coaches who feel they must provide constant
direction, and to understand that the kids can play very well on their own
with limited instruction.
While the vast majority of adult verbal participation is intended to be positive
and constructive, the fact of the matter is that games can (and have in the past)
become so loud that the players often have difficulty hearing each other on the
field. Taking one week off from any verbal interference may help adults’ gain
perspective on just how loud they’ve been in the past.


Please be advised that you may not make any verbal comments on the game or
direct any comments to the players, referees or coaches – on or off the field.
Clapping IS allowed! Be creative in how you choose to cheer your child’s team –
make signs to hold up, bring a rally towel in the team’s color and wave it wildly,
there are lots of ways to cheer other than verbally.


You may not provide any direction – verbal or non-verbal – to players who are
on the field. You make speak quietly to any players that are on the bench, but
DO NOT give those players instructions to yell out to their teammates! Coaches
may address the players at a normal tone before and after the game, during
water breaks and during halftime.


You are encouraged to speak to each other on the field. You are free to support
each other and provide direction to each other. Players on the bench may cheer
freely in a positive manner, but may not provide instruction to those on the


Referees have been instructed that if spectators and coaches are not following
the rules, the referees are to stop the game and issue a warning. The referee
will then have the option to give a second warning if the behavior continues, or
to terminate the game.

There will be Division Commissioners, Region Board members present at all fields to ensure that the kids get to play without any vocal input from Parents & Coaches during the game.